The path to (near) perfection

No request is too crazy for the men at Waalgarage. A Porsche is so much more than a sports car. We can all feel it, but can be put our finger on what it is? It's really simple. It lies in the driving situation, the driving style and the driver.

Installing a MANTHEY MOTORS exhaust system

This 996 is a fine example of what both MANTHEY MOTORS and Waalgarage stand for: optimising and individualising your Porsche.

After the 996's chassis was replaced with a fully adjustable version, the client wanted both the weight and the power of the car to be further optimised. We opted to install a complete exhaust system, providing weight saving and increased power of around 18 hp. Amazing.

MANTHEY MOTORS K 520 engine tuning for 996 Turbo

This 996 Turbo is fitted with a K 520 set from MANTHEY MOTORS. How about a performing a burnout in third gear? Besides sounding great, this set delivers 520 hp and 700 Nm.

The set consists of:

  • a customised Motronic
  • customised K24.2 turbos
  • 100-cell catalytic converters
  • different silencer
  • sport air filter
  • stronger coupling set

964 Compressor

This 964 is equipped with a compressor. An air-flow meter from a 993 has been also placed inside it, and a new exhaust system fitted. As such, this 964 delivers around 325 hp. In short, it's even more of a monster. The brakes and the chassis have of course been adjusted to the increase in power. Shock absorbers with shorter springs have been fitted, and we have equipped the 964 with 996 Turbo calipers and discs.

930 3.4 bi-turbo

We cranked up the power of this 930 turbo from 1988 'somewhat' to 600 hp and more than 800 Nm. As you can see, the engine has been entirely rebuilt. The engine has been changed to a bi-turbo and equipped with programmable DTA engine management.

The following parts, among others, have been changed compared with the standard issue vehicle:

  • 3.4-litre Mahle pistons and cylinders
  • Carrillo crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Bi-turbo
  • DTA engine management
  • Double injectors
  • 3.2 inlet manifolds
  • Larger intercooler
  • and more

911 RSR compressor

The owner of this wonderful 911 RSR replica really wanted more power than the 'mere' 300 hp provided by the current engine. We arrived at the following solution in consultation with the owner: fitting a 3.8-litre engine with a compressor with intercooler. We used a 993 engine as the basis and increased the cylinder content to 3.8 litres.

  • The following parts, among others, have been replaced, enhanced or added:
  • Carrillo crankshafts
  • 3.8 Mahle pistons and liners
  • Lighter intake and outlet valves
  • Reinforced valve springs
  • Titanium valve-spring caps
  • Mechanical tumblers
  • Larger injectors
  • Rotrex C38 compressor
  • Intercooler 

Porsche 911 T

This 911 from 1970 came to us in good condition. After we'd sold it, the new owner wanted to restore the sports car to perfect condition. We completely repainted the car, all rubbers were replaced and the interior was fitted with a new carpet. All of the parts were reupholstered with leather, and Recaro sports seats were fitted. We also equipped with car with a roll bar with 4-point belts. The engine and gearbox were of course also seen to. Last but not least, we had the original Fuchs rims fully restored by the Fuchs company in Germany.